Gordon praises Blackpool Care Company Baxter Life Training Ltd.

Gordon has praised the work of Baxter Life Training Ltd. (BLT), a local training company providing qualifications and skills for those who aspire to work in the care sector.BLT_3.jpg

Gordon, also Shadow Minister for Skills, spoke at their official launch at the Enterprise Centre, where he talked about the importance of training and skills, and afterwards he also presented certificates to the first group of candidates to come through the scheme.

He said: “Back in 2010 more than five million people across the UK were identified as having social care needs. Since then that figure has sustainably grown with more and more people living longer and also because of changes in people’s lifestyles.

“It’s critical that in Blackpool we have good quality social care and people with both the personal skills and right qualifications and training in the social care area, giving we have a larger number of older people and people with a disability in the town, sometimes without their family and friends’ network close by.

“This has all meant there is an increasing need for people to work in the care sector. Meeting that need means making working in the care sector a viable career option, but also making sure staff are both trained and skilled to the highest possible standard.

“I know from my own personal experience with my late mother and the good carers who supported her, how important this is and from speaking to the staff and candidates at Baxter Life Training that this is at the heart of everything they aspire to do.”

Baxter Life Training is part of the developing strategy in this area by Dean and Bev Baxter, who set up Baxter Life Care in 2014. Simon Hamer, who has previous experience with training providers is running the day to day work of the organisation.

Gordon added: “Both Dean and Bev are not just progressing their business, but at the same time they are also progressing the many people they take on. They are developing them as people but also improving their skills and employment opportunities – all of which are crucial to the long term success of a town like Blackpool.”

Following his speech, Gordon and Mark Adrian from CACHE, the accredited organisation for qualifications in the care sector, presented the first 15 BLT candidates with their Level 2 awards in “Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care”.

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